TV scriptwriter goes off in a Campervan

After twenty-odd years working in TV I’ve decided to opt out, at least for a year, and go travelling, meeting folk and hearing their stories along the way.  This blog will record all of that, plus my observations of life, my depression, my work history, and how I see the future of myself and this world.  Some of the writings will be passionate, some will be daft, some will be alcohol-fuelled.  Some will not be for the faint-hearted.  I also feel the need to travel again.  I’ve travelled most parts of the world, including Rwanda during the Genocide, so I’ve seen bad things.  I’ve seen good things too.  I know I’ll see both good and bad on this journey, but it’s a chance to see parts of the UK I haven’t seen before, and meet people I haven’t seen before either.  I do hope you enjoy jumping into the passenger seat!