Gone but not Forgotten (a note of thanks)

Just a note to thank the many of you who’ve contacted me over the past couple of months to ask why I haven’t been blogging, and even said you’ve missed the Otter’s tales!  So I thought out of courtesy I should write something to explain my absence.

I’ve been busy working on other things (in other words I found a job at long long last!) and settling in to a new home.  This move was funded in part by the offloading of my beloved Ottermobile, a sale which caused much soul-searching, deliberation and many a tear.  The adventures I had were many and varied, good and bad, but I’ll never regret the project – something I’d wanted to do all my life.  To go on the road and write with freedom was a sheer luxury…

With that in mind, even though I’ve returned to the grid, readers might be glad to hear I’m in the process of buying a replacement campervan (hopefully in better nick this time) and planning another round-trip in the near future!  So though the Ottermobile has gone, I haven’t, and I ask you to remain loyal and patient as I’m sure there’ll be many more adventures and much more nonsense to come to your devices in due course.

If adventure’s in your blood you can’t stop the flow.

All the best and thanks again for reading,

Malc Bickerstaffe x


3 thoughts on “Gone but not Forgotten (a note of thanks)”

  1. good to hear that Bick – I know we can organise to be in the same pub at the same time – we’ve done it before! So let’s try again! I’ll be back in mid October – We will be world cup winners by then of course so we can raise a glass to that – as if we need a reason!


  2. Yay, great to hear from again, and fantastic to hear life is looking good for you. Take care and hope to see you soon xx


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